Friday, June 21, 2013

Greenwich + Docklands International Festival is back!

We're liking yesterday's publicity stunt by GDIF. Twitter was a-burst with reports of a 17m sperm whale beached close to Cutty Sark Gardens, and we are sorry to have missed it, as we like a walk by the river of an afternoon when we can, although just one look at this riverscape and we can see how Convoys Wharf is going to spoil it.

(Press Release reads) "This super-real, art installation is the work of the Belgian arts collective Captain Boomer, created in collaboration with Zephyr Wildlife Reconstruction. The sculpture will now move to the Old Royal Naval College from Friday 21 June where GDIF audiences will be able to see it as part of our Greenwich Fair programme."

It's all happening in Cutty Sark Gardens today from 5.45pm. See here.

For full festival events click here.


  1. I went up to the top of Greenwich park today to see (and hear) the sound installation - well worth the visit! It's up the top of the hill were the 'view' is - try and coincide with the 'pigeon whistling' which, you'll be unsurprised to hear, are a coop of pigeons flying round with whistles attached to them - it's quite remarkable!

    1. The sound installation up on the hill was great. Shame it was too windy for the pigeons yesterday!

  2. Saw 'As The World Tipped' in the Queen's Garden last night – spectacular, with a big message about climate change. It's on again tonight at 10pm. Walk there via Trafalgar Road, don't go through the Naval College, it's a long way round. Dress warmly and take a blanket!