Monday, June 24, 2013

Deptford High Street : two bookies robbed in two days...

Word on the street today: Ladbrokes was robbed yesterday. In the attack, a female member of staff was beaten about the head and is in hospital. The premises is now closed.

Around the corner in Evelyn Street, Coral's was also robbed, this morning. Meanwhile Monday began in the high street with an immigration raid, and police took several men away.

Update 27 June:
It seems the most important thing that happened on 24th June 2013 was the death of cyclist, Paul Hutcheson, on Loampit Vale. We are pretty sure there were other ways, Paul, you had in mind for bringing South East London to a standstill. RIP.

The furore over Paul's untimely death can be followed on many cycling forums, but check 853 blog for a perspective on proposed Cycle Super Highways. NewShopper on the scene here. East London Lines later and more considered here.

Meanwhile, we've still to check in with Brenda from Kim's newsagents on her Monday news feed about the Ladbrokes female staff member getting bashed about the head on Sunday. We know for sure there was an incident (Ladbrokes was closed, see above), but there is no 'official news' on it. Perhaps Bren heard the story that was going around on Monday morning about the Coral's robbery and got confused over what happened at Ladbrokes? A story appeared on Tuesday from NewShopper regarding the robbery at Corals on Evelyn Street on Monday morning. This sounded similar, in that a member of staff was assaulted, but it features a man, and not the young woman Brenda described (who she knew and was concerned for).

This is the NewShopper report of Monday morning's robbery at Coral's on Evelyn Street:
POLICE are investigating a Deptford bookmaker robbery which left a member of staff in hospital. Officers were called out to the Evelyn Street bookie on June 24 at around 9.33am. The victim, an employee, was followed into shop by one man when he was opening up and forced  to hand over large sums of money before the suspect fled

Police say the victim, who received an injury to his face, was taken to hospital initially but his injuries were not life threatening.

The Flying Squad are investigating but no arrests have been made so far.
Update 29 June:
The story is that a plank of wood was taken to a certain shop doorway and the young lady who works in Ladbrokes was hospitalised by that action. Maybe nothing was stolen and that is why it didn't make the news headlines, even though there were two people hospitalised in two days as a result of their jobs. Just Google Ladbrokes Robbery or Corals Robbery to get an idea of how betting shops play a part in the community nationwide. Some people are beaten to death.

Unfortunately, the news media is organised so that you only hear local news and have no idea what's happening in the rest of the country. Much of the time you don't even hear the local news either.


  1. Apparently there were big delays in Lewisham this morning with lots of police activity - I wonder whether it might have been a simultaneous raid?

    I hope the Ladbroke's staff member is not seriously injured. Personally I can't stand the plethora of bookies in the high street but using violence to get your money back is even worse.

    1. Marmoset, there was an accident on Lewisham Way. A cyclist got knocked off bike...


      Not a very good start to the week, all round.

    3. Arrogance Unimpeded by Driving Intelligence.

  2. I have no pity for the betting shops. However I felt sorry for the lady that got attacked. I also applaud the immigration office for making a raid today. Should do it every other week on Deptford High street (Especially Saturday) start with the drunks and locals that hang around the streets.

  3. I am the young lady who was robbed that day in Ladbrokes. I was closing and a man grabbed me from behind. The door was locked so he was frustrated and smashed me into the door multiple times ( the glass smashed on the door was him using me as a battering ram). He then dragged me in by my hair flew behind counter took the money