Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Only ONE day left to register to make representation about Thames Tunnel application

The Government Planning Inspectorate will shortly be examining the application from Thames Water for development consent for the Thames Tideway Tunnel. The proposal for Deptford involves taking over the green area between Crossfield Street and St Paul's Church as a worksite to build an access tunnel to join the main storm tunnel that runs under Deptford Church Street. This site replaced the previously preferred site near Borthwick Wharf where the spoil from digging up the green could have left by river, but will now instead clog up Deptford Church Street with construction lorries.

There will also be a tunnel bored under Farrer House lawn that will run to the main storm tunnel from Greenwich Pumping Station.

Anyone who wants to make representation against the proposal must register with the Planning Inspectorate by Tuesday 28th May. Register online here: http://infrastructure.planningportal.gov.uk/projects/london/thames-tideway-tunnel/

Update 24th May: Readers may wish to know where Lewisham Council stands. On the registration page, there is a tab marked "Adequacy of Consultation" which lists ten (so far) borough council's comments, including one from Lewisham in which the Head of Planning states that Lewisham has serious concerns regarding the adequacy of consultation and does not consider the applicant (Thames Tunnel) has met its duties, concluding that the application should not be accepted. See Lewisham's report here. Apart from Hammersmith & Fulham and Lewisham, there are some very complacent voices here, so yours needs to be added.

Meanwhile, campaigners in Shadwell are organising an event in their local park over this coming Bank Holiday weekend (backed by Tower Hamlets Council) to help get public backing before the registration deadline. They have built replica ventilation shafts to illustrate to locals what Thames Water intend to do at King Edward Memorial Park. East London Advertiser has the story.

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  1. 1) Sign the London-wide petition to stop the Thames Tunnel; a ruinous, unsustainable anti-solution: http://bit.ly/stopTT

    2) It's *really important* for local residents to register with the planning inspectorate. It's free and reasonably easy. Simply explain the impact that the site will have on your daily life for 4+ years (excluding overruns), with "occasional extended standard" hours of work until 10pm possible for over a year.

  2. Deptford's HeartTuesday, May 28, 2013

    BEFORE MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! Please don't forget to register your interest against Thames Water's plans for Deptford.
    To find the form Google Thames Tunnel Consultation. The form itself is very simple if annoying in places. It took me 5 minutes to fill in.

    Please do add your personal reason as to why you are against their plans for the Deptford Church Street site. We are against it because of the impact on St Joseph's School, St Paul's, the impact on local businesses and the part closure of Deptford Church Street.