Saturday, May 18, 2013

Joan Ruddock's successor announced today...

Thanks to East London Lines for their research on this. We had done quite a bit ourselves, but were stumped by being unable to come up with hardly any information on two of the candidates, Florence Noesesbe and Mendora Ogbogbo, whilst the other contenders hit the ground running with websites specifically devoted to their candidature. So we held back and hoped some other proper (albeit equally unpaid) journalists would do their job.

Twitter followers will know the results later today of whom among this all-women shortlist will be chosen to stand for Deptford when Dame Joan Ruddock stands down at the next general election in May 2015 (if the present government doesn't collapse before that).

Meanwhile, you can check out the East London Lines' round up to read the biographies, and if you're signed up to SoundCloud you can listen to them speak as well.

We hear that Vicky Foxcroft (top right) is favourite, but have very little evidence to go by except that she's made a good stand for Lewisham Hospital. Janet Darby's experience is in families and children, and she (top left) seems equally worth a vote if we had one, which we don't. These two are already Lewisham Councillors.

Catherine McDonald (bottom right) is a Southwark councillor with experience covering many issues. Florence Nosegbe (bottom middle) is a Lambeth councillor with experience in tackling youth crime. Mendora Ogbogbo's business is training people in how to do politics and influence policy at Westminster (top, middle).

We've recently been impressed by Paula Hirst (bottom left) whose experience is in regeneration and is the only candidate to respond to the news about Convoys Wharf, the largest ever private development to impact on Deptford. Not that an MP-in-waiting can influence how Lewisham Council allows 'regeneration' in Deptford to develop when decisions must be made this year, but at least she shows some recognition of the damage that can be done.

Update 4.45pm
Vicky Foxcroft selected next Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Lewisham/Deptford.


  1. Despite reportedly struggling during a ten minute Q & A session Vicky Foxcroft was selected