Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TJ's killer guilty

An Old Bailey jury yesterday found Barry Normah of Watergate Street, SE8 guilty of killing TJ last year.  He's yet to be sentenced but we can hope for justice.

I only knew the red light bit second-hand before but it came out in the trial. This is Local London reports:

Pedestrian Claire Ridge was standing beside him at the pedestrian crossing before he was hit by a silver Audi A3 at around 5pm.
She told the Old Bailey: "A boy on a bike came to my right hand side. He crossed the road - the red man was still showing but the cars had stopped, the traffic lights were red.
"Then I saw this car approaching really quickly and I thought 'what is this car doing - it was my turn to cross, it was the pedestrian's turn to cross'.

"I thought it was going to stop but it slammed straight into the boy. The boy flew to the other side of the road and crashed to the floor."
Jurors heard that the driver of the car initially failed to stop, continuing along Deptford Church Street, before turning around at the traffic lights and coming back to the scene.
He paused for a short while before eventually driving off again. Police later found the Audi dumped in nearby Watergate Road at around 7pm.

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  1. Brave woman to go to court as a witness...