Sunday, December 11, 2011

Consultation #3: Crossfields and Thames Tunnel

A reminder that Lewisham Planning Service have organised a meeting for Crossfield residents to HAVE YOUR SAY on the Thames Water proposals to situate a construction site on the green on Deptford Church Street.

Tuesday 13 December, 7pm
Salvation Army Hall, Mary Ann Gardens SE8 3DP

The council wants to know what residents and businesses in the area think – our views will be reflected in the Council's official response to Thames Water. All residents received a letter from Lewisham about this in the middle of November, but if you have mislaid the letter or cannot make the meeting, there are a number of other ways to respond:

Email or write to:
Planning Policy, Planning Service, London Borough of Lewisham, Laurence House, 1 Catford Road, London SE6 4RU.

The Don't Dump on Deptford's Heart campaign have also prepared a very useful crib sheet for those wishing to object, which also gives a bit of background information. Download it here.

You can also let Thames Water know your views at – this link will take you to their page detailing the proposals for Deptford Church Street. See also this page on the Don't Dump on Deptford's Heart website.

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  1. What a pity only about 11 people turned up for this. Don't people realise how awful it's gonna be? Maybe Lewisham are a bit late in the game? Maybe everyone thinks since Lewisham are against it they don't have to do anything?

    Or is is more likely that no one gives a fuck till it happens. Then they all moan endlessly about whose fault it is. It will be your fault if you don't do anything about it. Don't think your voice doesn't count.