Sunday, September 4, 2011

Near and Far

Those of us who actually care what happens around these parts have been challenged with the prospect of some ridiculous Dubai style towers at Convoys Wharf. The Deptford Dame has shown us what is on offer by publishing the architects' rather crude mock ups of what the proposed site might look like.

I'm a bit perturbed by the mock-ups because my experience of skyscrapers is a bit different. I've sat in the Wibbly Wobbly pub at Greenland Dock and Canary Wharf is in your face even though it's actually nearly half a mile away.

This weirdness also happens at Park Row in Greenwich but in a different way. Can anyone explain why when you're standing outside the Trafalgar pub Canary Wharf looks like it's where it should be but when you WALK AWAY FROM IT down to the end of Park Row it's in your ruddy face?

(This is not a trick of photography but it may well be an architectural tick)....

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