Sunday, September 4, 2011

Near and Far #2

Sunday 4th September, 2-5pm
Wild Trees
Trees growing wild in Lewisham? How can this be so?...
Meet at Creekside Centre...

Sunday 4th September, 5-7pm
is a specially constructed performance by 10 or 11 drummers from the south east London underground, a highly motivated and vibrant scene with wildly individual players. We will be playing throughout the garden so that the sound moves across and through the space. Strategies have been devised to keep the playing fresh.

Charles Hayward • Arnold Lane • Riley Hayward • Rik Irvine • Ashleigh Marsh • David Aylward • Kit Mackintosh • Russell Bond • Merlin Hayward • Matt Rigsby-Smith • Sir Eddie Real • Anonymous Bash • Tom, Kick & Battery
The Herb Garden

Update Monday 5th September: Drum Garden pix

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