Friday, July 8, 2011

Deptford goes messing about in the river

Because my flat overlooks the Creek - well, at least I can see it when the tide's in - I can assure you that it's very rare to see sailing vessels up the creek.  These 2 spent a tide or so moored/anchored off the Creekside Centre's ''beach'' in the middle of this week.

Lovely to see!  Let's face it, Deptford doesn't really look like an urban wasteland all the time, does it?  In fact, only locals might recognise it as Deptford from the Ha'penny Hatch alongside.  Please visit again!


  1. It could be Sussex !

  2. Is the 'beach' only accessible via the Creekside Centre?

  3. Yes. I think you can climb down by ladder over on the west bank though.