Friday, July 1, 2011

Concrete jungle

I'm told it was after there was an estate walkabout on June 6th with a certain Chief Executive that this happened:

I'm also told there was nothing discussed in the walkabout that had anything to do with the forlorn little boxed in areas where trees have been chopped down that suggested they might in the following few days be filled in with concrete by probably one of the most inept concrete filler-inners that ever worked for Lewisham (Homes)...

Some residents were very upset by this, especially the gardeners, who had been planning some guerilla planting, having waited in vain for the useless Glendales to do anything – planting not being Glendales' strong point. But with the loving care of residents we may have had some sweet little beds, possibly growing the sort of stuff that looks after itself and can survive the kids and weather. I'd be happy with some long grass rather than this merangue of sand and cement. Truly awful.

No one asked for this shoddy work, no one wants it. This is what happens to it after a year:

We'll probably have to live with the above since cars drive over it, but the little squares that were once tree beds should be got rid of as soon as possible. And nobody should pay for it being put there or being removed.

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  1. I am amazed that the council have not taken the flood water directive about water run off and the risk because water can not escape to soil. There are new by-laws in place to making the same said council prevent the filling in land with concrete....How ridiculous to worsen an already bad situation in a designated FLOOD PLAIN !!! to say nothing about how much a little planting can brighten the environment as well as help biodiversity ..(Another directive)..Taking trees out cuts down on the oxyden etc...etc... What's all the hooey Lewisham bang on about re being a GREEN council ??? Yet another example of their PR machinery's mega-distance from what they really do (or fail to do...)