Friday, May 6, 2011

A new tree...a new gas pipeline...vandals and dogs...

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush...

A Black Mulberry tree (Morus Nigra) suddenly appeared on the grass in front of Holden and Browne House this week. The Glendales representative found near the tree this morning told us it is part of the Estate Greening Project and was initiated by Davey from Greenwich Co-operative Development Agency. It's a fruit tree which produces a plump black juicy and edible fruit similar to an elongated blackberry.

It has been planted very close to where we understood there was going to be a cycle path, but we assume these people know what's going on even if we don't.

Hole in the ground...

Lots of digging has been taking place in the back (or is it front?) garden of Browne House, as British Gas replace the old degrading metal pipes with new plastic piping. The friendly labouring team told us that the pipeline is going to take a right angled turn into the driveway parallel to the railway in front of Holden House, so it's going to be horribly noisy next week if they begin digging up the tarmac...

Wilshaw House vandals

Residents in Browne and Wilshaw have a different kind of nuisance to deal with: some out of control children from Wilshaw have been vandalising anything they can get their hands on...If you've been affected by their antics, make sure you report it to the Antisocial Behaviour Team (details here). The caretakers have reported the problem and will thank you for strengthening their case.

Bag That Poo...

Lewisham Homes wish to draw your attention to their campaign against dog fouling. If you would like to make a stand against dog fouling, you are asked to report offenders on 020 834 7171, providing as much of the following information as possible:

- the times the offences are being committed
- the locations
- description of the dog
- description of owner and address (if known)
- car registration if relevant

Dog owners should clean up after their dogs. They must pick up and bag their pet's faeces and dispose of it in any litter bin.

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