Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Faircharm redevelopment - how does it affect Crossfields?

Workspace, the owners of Faircharm Trading Estate, are about to begin a dramatic redevelopment of their site on Creekside very soon, and the architects of the project have contacted Crossfields TRA to introduce themselves and their designs with the intention of getting our views.

Karakusevic Carson Architects will be bringing "some early sketches and models to illustrate the research and design progress so far" to the TRA Meeting THIS THURSDAY 26th MARCH at 7.30pm at the Pink Palace.

Paul Karakusevic told us "we are looking at how we can increase public access to the Creek and maximise useable employment floorspace for a range of small/medium employers, and provide good quality spaces for studios etc....One of the key aspects of the scheme is how the buildings achieve an active frontage which feels secure at night..."

Needless to say, there's going to be some luxury housing by the Creek in the mix to pay for it all.

Many apologies for the short notice (too busy to blog). If you can't make it Thursday but are eager to see the proposals, an event is being planned for June (possibly the weekend of the 18th/19th) for which there should be plenty of notice.

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  1. Well, Goodness Me! As A tenant of Faircharm for the last 12 years, It is only a couple of weeks ago that any tenant, or even the estate manager, has heard of these plans! The management at Workspace have kept their tenants totally ill-informed. My first news of this was via someone at A.P.T. On first enquiring, I was met with total denial. Then a certain former tenant rose to the fore as a prime mover in the liason between Workspace, the architects, and the local community. Again, the tenants at Faircharm were not officially informed whatsoever. We, as lease holders, consider we have been excremented upon from a very great hight! We are also shocked and amazed that all the local residents and their dogs have been informed and consulted for their opinions, whilst the businesses that pay their rent, car parking charges, rubbish removal fees, and lets not forget business rates at Faircharm, have been coveniently ignored. Perhaps had these flourishing, unsupported businesses known sooner, they might have chosen to seek alternative accomodation earlier than might have been deemed 'convenient' for everyone but the tenants at Faircharm. We all know that there is precious little space left for small businesses in Deptford and it's surrounds. Faircharm stood out as a haven for those such as us. The idea that there was an organisation that, by it's name alone, suggested that it looked out for and supplied space to work in, was literally a comfort in what looks to be yet another modern development of cool, trendy high rise crap. As a person born and bred in Deptford, and having worked in Deptford for 25 years, I am so dissapointed, and very sad at our treatment.