Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cathedral consultations


This Saturday 12 March there'll be African Poetry (2pm), a Steel Band (1pm), food and craft stalls (10am-6pm), Lion Dancers (midday), face painting and Mahjong (12.30pm), Dohl drumming (3pm), and Reggae DJs (3pm-7pm), all congregating in the Deptford Project yard.

Deptford Project sponsors, Cathedral plc, are inviting you to look over their plans for the site and give them your views. They'll be in Arch No.1 in the Project yard on Saturday and also Mon-Fri 14-18 March between 10am-5pm.


Meanwhile, Cathedral are also applying for planning permission to develop the old Norman Road Industrial Estate just beyond the Ha'Penny Hatch. Their plans here could radically alter some Crossfields' residents' views towards Greenwich in the near future. According to their Statement of Community Involvement, this is the area of consultation.

You'll notice it includes Crossfields. Consultation apparently took place in November 2010, and most recently letters notifying of the planning application went to businesses on Creekside, but the Planning notice put up on a lamp post outside the overgrown industrial estate is the first I've heard about this project since the Creekside Charrette in 2009... 

See the Planning Application here (Ref: 11/0271/F), and download Cathedral's Statement of Community Involvement here. This has lots of pictures of the proposed development which is intended as a mixed use development comprising:
  • 181 residential units
  • 358 student residential units
  • 1,332sqm of education/office space
  • 1,382sqm health club/leisure floorspace
  • 11 incubator/start up business units
  • a nursery
  • 480sqm of retail foodstore floorspace
  • 37sqm cafe/bike shop
  • 104 bed 3-star hotel
  • 30 room boutique hotel and restaurant
  • onsite energy centre
  • public realm to include public art and onsite landscaping
  • 57 car parking spaces including 2 car club spaces
  • 439 cycle spaces
This is a mock-up of the view from the DLR.

Here is an aerial view looking north east of the area covered. Crossfields is just off shot at bottom left.

Crossfields is top right in this view looking south west.

If you have any objections to the plans, note you'll have to submit as a member of the public since although we're supposedly in the consultation zone, we have not been consulted. Objections must be in by around 15th March. You may find there's nothing to object to except the loss of your view.


  1. Developments like this fall right into the lap of what has been described as 'legoland estates' by the present housing minister Grant Shapps (see the guardian and while we need not wish for a Prince Charles approved development we need a lot more involvement in creating housing that is fit for the environment in which it is built rather than a clone of whatever is being erected elsewhere.

    And this weekend 'invitation' is almost certainly the work of some PR agency launching a 'charm offensive' - don't be taken in by it - this development is aimed squarely at investors, mostly from the Far East - and has nothing to do with the long term environment of Deptford - its short term gain for long term pain.

  2. I did post about the planning application back in August last year, but renderings weren't available then. Looking at the renderings I've seen now, I think my previous comment about the unwise moniker of the development could be applicable.