Friday, March 11, 2011

Betford Bulletin

The deadline for objecting to Betfred's Planning Application for 93-95 Deptford High Street passed ten days ago. There were 74 79 objections submitted, plus one petition. You can view the list of objectors here.

The petition was made up of both the paper petition signed by 161 people and the online petition, which at the point of submission on March 1st, had 160 signatures (and presently stands at 173). This second paper petition was gathered in less than 10 days. The first paper petition against Betfred's Gambling License Application ran for much longer (beyond the Gambling License hearing deadline) and garnered over 800 signatures, and serves as an indication of local opinion.

Many, many thanks to those who signed the latest petition against Planning Permission being granted, and to the shops and venues who hosted it. The online petition has space for signatories to leave comments and these views were incorporated into the submitted petition to Planning.

All those who wrote individually to Planning to object have been sent a letter of acknowledgement. Planning have requested that petitioners also be advised of their letter. At this stage, the letter simply sets out the process, and as soon as a date is set for the hearing we shall notify you. See the letter below (click to enlarge).

Meanwhile, please tell all your friends and associates to sign the National Petition Stop Betting Shops Taking Over Our High Streets which aims to lobby government to amend the 2005 Gambling Act.


  1. The number of objectors has now risen to 79. My objection - submitted well before the deadline - and a number of others weren't included on the Council's website, and I had to make a fuss about this to get it included. It makes you wonder whether any others went missing...

  2. Interesting news, Bikepest...good work.