Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tidemill School: Public meeting Thursday 24 February

The seemingly almost one-woman campaign against Tidemill Primary School gaining Academy status that ran for last few months of 2010 ended in success early this year on January 15th (When Academies don't add up). The school backed down and withdrew their application, threatened with a judicial review suggesting it could be proved in court that they (the head and school governors) had completely misrepresented (lied about) their case to the parents and the local community. More here from

Now the school intends to start its application again, this time with REAL financial figures and fuller compliance—but not necessarily in full consultation with its parents and community (yet again).

For those interested in the future of our local primary school (and/or a dislike of this government's  masterplan to privatise education), there's a public meeting on Thursday 24 February, 7pm at The Albany

The Deptford political agenda is getting quite congested (see previous post) with local people trying to defend your local environment from the powers-that-be who don't seem to have local people in mind when they make decisions that affect us all but end up benefiting only the rich (who bank offshore and don't pay taxes).

Hopefully you'll find the time to show your support, one way or another along the way...

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