Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Betfred Brief Update

We were heartened today to read that the people of Haringey have been fighting the betting shops and, in December 2010, actually won! What an historic moment that must have been.

Paddy Power denied appeal to take over Tottenham music shop

"A community is celebrating its big win after an appeal to open a gambling shop in an iconic Tottenham music shop was thrown out last week.

"Bookmaker giant Paddy Power had hoped the Planning Inspectorate would overturn Haringey Council's decision and give them the green light to open a new store at the current home of Every Bodies Music.

But instead the Government's inspector agreed that if a betting shop was to open it "would have an adverse effect on the vitality, viability and predominantly retail function of the centre due to the loss of a retail spot in a prominent location".

"The inspector also highlighted allowing the appeal to stand would be in conflict with the council's planning policies laid out in its Unitary Development Plan (UDP) and would damage the area's potential to grow into a vibrant shopping centre...."

The week after, the north London campaigners were at it again...

Anti-betting shop campaigners protest in Wood Green (see NewsShopper here)

We're trying to make contact with the Find Your Voice Pressure Group who have been campaigning so hard to change things – and we'd love to know how Haringey had the balls to stand up to the bullies.


  1. That's a very good point. Lewisham's UDP also underlines viability and diversification in district shopping areas such as Deptford. I assume this is not relevant where no change of use is applied for, but in other cases might be appropriate. I wonder why Lewisham hasn't used this defence against previous applications?

  2. Given the protracted future plans for "Improvement" and Development of the High Street, the appointment in the past of a council officer specifically FOR the High Street, the MASSES of money awarded the High Street in the past starting from the Hessletine days of City Challenge and so on ...How can the council comply in undoing all this effort, time and resources to say nothing of the contribution of human hearts, minds and commitment to the area. It only reinforces the impresssion that people in Deptford have of the way Lewisham council perceive them. It undoes years of local people's hard work, aspiration and dedication as well as the council's own publically declared aspirations for the area.