Saturday, November 13, 2010

Strange comings and goings on the Deptwich-Greenford borders.

What is it about maps?  Someone at Lewisham council appears to have thought that it would be useful to include a map with the consultations details that were delivered to residents earlier this week.  It would have been even more useful if they hadn't moved Deptford High Street over towards Greenwich.

But it's not just councils that get confused by the treacherously fluid geography of Deptwich-Greenford borders.  Tesco have just opened a store on Creek Road, and they've produced a map indicating both Tesco Greenwich and Tesco Deptford yet the map directs prospective customers to the Wetherspoons pub in Greenwich....
And while confusion reigns, Greenwich Council have made another grab for the Laban, claiming it as being part of what makes Greenwich such a wonderful place in their ''Destination Greenwich'' video.  Here's a group of dancers displaying what they think of Greenwich's geographical skills.

I swear that one of these days we're going to wake up and find ourselves in Tower Hamlets...


  1. WOW! The creeping of the borders and the inaccuracies of maps made by people who would prefer that their 'brands' were not associated with the darker side of Deptford never cease to amaze me. Personally I think we should ressurect the ancient tradition of 'beating the bounds'. That might give the five residents of 'Theatro' (including Tescos) and 'Creekside Village' a shock..... ! Well spotted Marmoset.

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  3. Your man at the Post Office sorthing officeThursday, December 09, 2010

    So, whenever I get a packet addressed to Greenwich SE8, I simply bung it in the Greenwich sorting office box. Of course, Greenwich won't deliver it because it's not in Greenwich. But I live in Deptford SE8, so why should I care? Sorted!