Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Gallery Road

A Mr.DeGri has been busy on the Ha'Penny Hatch...


  1. I love stencils. But i walked that way the other day and I fell in love more with the fire that had been lit and then abandoned, burnt up crap and detritus, like a shrine. Banksy has a lot to answer for. He's average.
    The noose for boz was best.

  2. Please don't mention the arsehole who has been writing 'political' graffiti in the same sentence as the artist who has jazzed up the ha'penny hatch. It's not big or clever to leave this shit next to schools or on peoples houses, and the idiocy of 'no more homes for the rich' on the walls of council estates is obviously lost on them - so thanks for the extra council funds being spent on cleaning up your grammatical errors, everybody already knows and very few care.

    1. Would it be better to write 'more homes for the rich'? I mean someone has to write on walls. It's a tradition that goes back beyond the Romans. Go to any cathedral in the country and you will find graffiti, dating from not long after they were built. Carved into the pillars, not just ephemeral paint. And grammar evolves. Like all good things.