Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rapman returns

Residents wondering about the flash cars and the noisy, but well-dressed and very polite youths outside Farrer House all day on Thursday will have witnessed the return of Rapman. He was making the third of his Blue Story videos partly set on the estate. You can view the first two episodes on Youtube at link
The video tells the tale of two young people whose friendship goes badly and violently wrong when they find themselves associated with opposing postcode-based gangs. For the purposes of this story Crossfields is the Ghetto and the opponents are from Peckham. Whatever you think of that, the videos and the rap are very polished and the acting is also surprisingly strong. And, of course, the issue is a very live one. But there seems to be some irony in using Crossfields as the location since the actors are clearly not from here but were warmly and excitedly welcomed by pretty much everyone - young and old. I guess that's one comforting thing about our postcode.

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