Sunday, September 21, 2014

Deptford X 2014 26 September – 5th October

The theme of this year's Deptford X festival, set by the lead artist-in-residence Bob & Roberta Smith, is What is the Value of Art? "Bob" will be esconced in the temporary Deptford X 'headquarters' in the former cafe at the now closed-down Faircharm trading estate on Creekside. Visitors will be encouraged to contribute their own ideas to create a collective statement around the theme. 'Bob' heads up The Art Party, a loose grouping of artists and organisations concerned about the Coalition's reduction of the role of the arts and design in schools.

The festival launches on Friday 26th September with local galleries open late. On the first weekend, there'll be Open Studios at APT & Old Police Station, with Lewisham Arthouse, ASC and Acme opening their doors the following weekend. During the festival activities at the HQ will include sign painting, badge making and screen printing, plus performances from local musicians, all culminating in a special event on Sunday 5th October.

For more information on participating artists, venues and events go to the Programme page on the Deptford X website. Follow on Twitter @DeptfordX.

Update: a printed map will be available on Friday to help you navigate the various venues and exhibition times. It can also be downloaded from the Deptford X website.

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