Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thames Tunnel update

We gave a digest of the Open Floor Hearing held at Deptford Lounge on 5th February in our previous post, but some of the speakers at the hearing have since submitted written versions of their oral representations. They can be found in the "document" section of the Planning Inspectorate's website (see below for specific links).

Thames Water have replied to some of the points raised at the hearing, with a characteristic dismissive air. Read their response here.

Meanwhile, the Inspectorate are staging another site visit to Deptford Church Street on Thursday 27th February at midday. This is to visit St Paul's Church which they were unable to access on their last site visit on 30th January because filming was taking place.

A resident's analysis of the Transport assessment can be found here, along with photos and video links of recent congestion in Deptford Church Street here.
Letters of objections from Crossfields residents can be read here.
Another Crossfields resident has written here.
A resident living close to St Paul's writes here.
Deptford High Street Community Garden Association's comments can be read here.
Dame Joan Ruddock's speech from that evening can be found here.
Representations from campaigners against the entire Thames Tunnel project (who also spoke at the Deptford Lounge open floor hearing) can be found here, here and here.

LB Lewisham has subsequently submitted a draft Section 106 agreement to Thames Water, but there is very little in it to mitigate the 3-4 years of noise, dust and pollution – mainly because Thames Water consider most of the construction work to be of 'negligible' consequence to local residents (see their analysis here).

Regarding the roadworks Thames Water currently have in operation, it appears the Wavelengths bus stop has not been removed contrary to what some of us were told back in January. Fortunately there have been no accidents or tunnel closures during this period, so congestion has not been worse than usual.

Some Crossfields residents may have also received notification that 'investigative works' will take place on Crossfields between 3rd-7th March, though footpaths will be unaffected.

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