Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Black History Month

Black History Month is already upon us, with lots of events across the country and of course in London.

Go to the Black History Month website to find out more. In particular, go to their Lewisham events page to find out what's happening in our area.

Many of the Lewisham events are at The Albany or Deptford Lounge. We're already too late to mention Soweto Kinch who kicked off BHM at the Albany with his music and dance piece over the first five nights of October.

But not too late to mention Crossfields resident Jan Blake and her show at The Albany on Friday 18th October. The Old Woman, the Buffalo and the Lion of Manding is based on a Malian folk tale The Birth of Sundiata Keita, told across West Africa as a story of kinship and battle. Renowned and highly respected storyteller Jan recreates the story (with music from Kouame and Raymond Sereba) told from the point of view of Sundiata's mother and her grandmother...

Check out the video trailer and further details on the Albany's website.

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