Thursday, August 22, 2013

Leave the van - there's nowhere left to park it!

A bit of a transportation post for a change.


LCC, the London Cycling Campaign have just sent me this:
Dear Supporter,
In Lambeth, the council have recently rolled out 40, Dutch made, on-street bike lockers. The lockers offer a secure option for people to park their bike. They can store 6 bicycles, and only take up the space of half a car parking bay.

Great News!

Lewisham Council have expressed a real interest in placing a number of Bikehangars throughout the borough, but they want to find out where they are needed.

Do you want a Bikehangar near you? Then let Lewisham Council know where. They are interested in hearing about locations on-street or on private commercial land.


Bikehangars are likely to be installed where demand is greatest and your response will help identify possible locations. Please ensure that you reply by the 27th September 2013, when the public consultation is due to close.

Do you know anyone else who would like a Bikehangar near them?  We would like to hear from them too, so please forward this email to as many Lewisham cyclists as possible. Thank you!

Best wishes
London Cycling Campaign and Cyclehoop

Knowing that the editor of this blog has recently had a bike stolen from the estate and having recently recuperated and returned a stolen bike to a Crossfields resident, I know that there may be other people interested in some form of secure outdoor bike locking.  I've seen these in Wandsworth and they may be of use to plenty of others on the estate.

If you'd like a safe place to lock your bike, use this address to nominate a place (you don't have to be an LCC member to request adequate cycle facilities) click HERE.


A couple of old faces on this Deptford Market song - with an in-depth review of Westfield shopping centre at the end.


Just a couple of shots around the estate this morning showing how the council contractors and the council use cycle lanes.  The van behind is a Lewisham council one.

...and illegal parking on NCN21 in Copperas Street

The street is on the borders between Lewisham and Greenwich council.  I think that locals have discovered that as it's way beyond either council's range of interest they can simply ignore the road markings.  And it's worth betting that they don't even know who's responsible for enforcing no parking.  This route is part of the National Cycling Network and has become dangerous for cyclists because, at the Greenwich end, with the vehicles having taken up 2/3rds of the road they then need the other 1/3rd to drive on.


  1. That parking on Copperas St drives me effing mad. One day I'll get round to nagging the council(s) about it .

  2. And things will only get worse with the change of planning application that is currently sitting with Greenwich Council to convert the Creekside retail units to 30 or so residential premises. That's at least another 30 cars to squeeze into this area.

    Another reason for Greenwich Council to reject the application.

  3. Creekside village have put up parking notices (I noticed last thursday), but the point is noone is enforcing them.

    God forbid it did, since they're not only about to have a few hundred new residents (as was always the plan) but there will also be four new buildings and of course the construction work noises that go with that. Have you seen those plans Yokel?
    Downstairs is nothing compared to what you're going to get.