Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stadium for Casual Sports

If Deptford were to hold an alternative Games, there is now the perfect arena for them – this beautiful mystery willow circle has recently appeared overnight. You'll find it hiding behind the old wall running along Church Street by St Paul's Church...

UPDATE 8 August:
A sign adjacent to the circle reads: This weaved willow circle is 17m wide – the same width as the concrete vent shaft planned for this space by Thames Water. The shaft will be roughly as deep as the church is high. It will take years to construct during which time this green space will be lost. The circle is intended to be an invite to enjoy the space while it is still in its current state.

1 comment:

  1. So is Deptford ready to give in to 4 years of misery inflicted by Thames Water, Raynsford and his elitist cronies from the construction industry and all the fake environmentalists on TW’s payroll?

    Or are we infuriated by the sense of environmental injustice and the scandal of London being saddled with an outrageously expensive and antiquated solution for all the wrong reasons?

    See here for how visionary cities such as New York and Philadelphia (to name but two) are addressing the same issue: . If it works for New York…

    It’s time for Deptford to wake up and join the fight!