Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Betfred objection deadline 6 December

As we reported in October, Betfred have reapplied to Lewisham Planning for the site at 93 Deptford High Street after having their appeal to the Government Inspectorate turned down.

This has meant a campaign-weary community having to repeat their previous objections. Presently there are 23 objections filed on the planning portal for application DC/11/78506/X. Last time there were 84.

Hopefully the smaller number of objections will still be enough to support Lewisham should they be minded to turn the application down again, but if you can spare some time in the next week and don't want to see an eighth betting shop opening on our high street, please write in to object. The target date for receiving objections is 6th December.

If you don't have time to write an objection, there is a petition you can sign at Come The Revolution Cafe on New Cross Road. But a petition only counts as one objection...


  1. There appears to be a mistake on Lewisham Council's website which we need to make sure they are aware of. The summary suggests that there are only 23 objections when in fact it is clear that there are many more (I am listed at number 88 for example). So it doesn't add up - there is over 100 individual objections.

    I'll write to the plannners to point this out.

  2. Anon, they list the addresses they have sent invitations to comment in this section – it is usually a very small area around the site. Then they add to the list the addresses of those objecting to whom they have responded with a letter. The figure on the main page records the number of objections received rather than the nummber of addresses consulted.

    I have written to them today also (great minds think alike) to ask why the objections from several shop keepers that I am told have been written do not appear in the list, and haven't been added to the number of objections. Usually it is due to a backlog of work.