Monday, October 10, 2011

Castell House stairs experiment

This notice appeared at the foot of Castell House stairs a couple of weeks ago. Nothing happened for a while and people wondered what was going to happen. Were they going to paint the stairs? Whatever Lewisham Homes was planning, it was long overdue since the stairs have been in a right old state for a very long time now. Repairs Rep Raphael will tell you that the main problem is the cleaning procedure that leaves behind the remains of the mop and the residue of a highly corrosive detergent (that has also stripped the paint off the bannisters), and there would be little point in repainting the stairs if this procedure isn't improved upon. Anyway, later in the week, some guy spent four hours (according to the caretaker) sanding off the old paint surface, down to the original granite, on the first flight of stairs. We wonder what will happen next –  will there be paint going on top? Are all the stairs to be sanded down? That would take an incredible amount of time and labour!

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