Friday, August 12, 2011

Bins and weeds etc #2

The bins, the bins...

On Wednesday 27 July we got a letter from Caretaking Services telling us: "As part of our continuing drive to improve the standard of cleanliness on your estate, we have appointed a contractor to clean the Rubbish Chute, Bins and Bin Chamber to your block. The cleaning will be carried out on 1st August – 5th August between 9am and 4pm. Please do not use the chutes while cleaning is in progress."

And about time, too, we thought (see post on 29 July).

But alas, no Rubbish Chutes, Bins or Bin Chambers were cleaned in the week of 1st-5th August. What with the riots an' all, we forgot to ring Caretaking and find out why it never happened...

All weeds are wild flowers...

On Friday 29 July we also reported that Glendales hadn't shown up for a while and our estate was getting greener by the minute. The Monday after, a Glendales truck was spotted parked up next to Holden at around 2pm. The guys were hanging by the van, smoking and doing something with their phones. They were still doing this 20 minutes later...then it looked as if there was some action – one of them was seen with a long gardening tool over his shoulder. This is part of the area they were supposedly dealing with:
BEFORE (Monday 1st August):

AFTER (Friday 12th August):
Not much change there then. 
Here's a nice Dandelion (Taraxacum aggregate)...or is it Groundsel (Senecio vulgaris)?

Concrete flowerbeds

We also reported two weeks ago that the ugly concrete that was badly laid into numerous empty tree-beds around the estate was to be removed. But nothing's happened...

A week ago, two patches of badly laid concrete were covered over. Turns out they had been dug up and relaid – more neatly this time, but still an ugly solution, when the beds could have been used for plants.

Morrisons – gone but not forgotten

British Gas sub-contractors Morrisons finished work on the estate on 22nd July (three weeks ago)...we wonder if they are coming back to pick up the stuff they left behind...(a huge pile of hardcore, several plastic posts, and a few large boxes containing big yellow pipe joiners)...?


Finally, water...

We reported on 8th August that Wilshaw House had had no water in the bathroom and loo for 4 days. Water was finally turned back on after six days on Wednesday this week.

Right. That's enuf moaning. (No it's not – see the next post!)

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